Amen Par Ankh

Amen Par Ankh (Sacred House of Life) and Amen Ankh Farm;

is a spiritual center to become balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually and to Realize your fullest capacities of life, health, prosperity and strength. We provide Life Coaching, Gentle Yoga, classes, Energy work Courses, Gifts, and Accessories, Cultural Ceremonies, Workshops and special Events:

Green Griot Gathering- Poetry and Storytelling events- workshops

Contact us as prices vary pending location and duration.

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Amen Par Ankh is a place of peace and healing through connection with nature and the cycles of life. Here, we can truly come together and create and build something to share together. It is our intention that this spiritual center becomes a sacred space for personal discovery with quiet reflection and time for internal work, but is also an active space for expressions of our life. Dua (Thank you!) .


We offer


Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansing & Classes


Cultural Community Ministry Services

We are available to consult and perform the following services for you:


(All services below offer a suggested Donation)




1 Ceremony


We are all members of Creation! We are Seeds, then Siblings, and then we become Ancestors. It is part of the Kemetic tradition to acknowledge and proclaim our relationships and membership in our Family.


For example, the spring brings the announcement of pregnancy and allows everyone to acknowledge that new life - Seeds (one yet to come) - is on the way from the source of Creation. For this gift we hold a Seed Ceremony (like a baby-shower) to celebrate pregnancy, the gift to the mothers (fertility) and to the father (virility,) and the new life on the way.


Once the new child/children are here a welcome ceremony is held 30-days after the arrival.


"Between six-months and the first year of the child/children arrival a naming ceremony is held. This time period is considered the period where-in the child determines if it wants to stay. The naming ceremony (Aq Ren) marks the child/children's commitment to stay in this world. During the naming ceremony the child is dedicated to the Neteru, Aku, Sheps (Ancestors) and Mut, Tef, Ka-Neter (Mut (mother), the Y-Tef (father) Ka-Neter ('god parents')), and to the faith and community.

Both the consecration and naming ceremony are performed for adults as well."


We are available to provide services for as few as one, or for as many as a village.


Some Services -Counseling, Mediation, Coaching, Readings and Consulting - can be provided via video and tele-conference, other services are provided on location.


For information, consultations and Services call:



Kemetic Seba Services


Libation Ceremony


Pouring a liquid to open the way for the Creator, the Seeds (yet unborn), the Siblings, and venerate to the Aku (Ancestors) is part of our way of life. We provide this consecration for our community at all ceremonies.


 Adult Naming Ceremony


Names, like words, have generating power - they call you into being. Insure your name associates you with the Creator and the life-creating and life-sustaining forces, and with your Destiny and cultural heritage. We are available to consult on name selection.


Child/Youth Naming Ceremony


You should have a name that calls your child - him/her to power, prosperity, destiny and abundance.


Kemetic Wedding Ceremony


Contact Amen Par Ankh to begin planning you Wedding and receive your Kemetic Consecration for yourself and your family.


Ancestor Ascension Ceremony


The Funeral Ceremony is principally designed to bid the deceased farewell; the Ancestor Ascension Ceremony is to acknowledge and celebrate your departed loved-one as an Ancestor. An Ascension Ceremony is generally scheduled to take place approximately 40-days after the transition of the deceased.


Home/Business Blessing Clearings and Consecration Ceremony

Your home and business are a reflection of your personal and professional self. They serve as an extension of you. Be sure they both support your highest and best self by creating a welcoming and clear environment.


Amen Par Ankh will come to your location to clear negative, stagnant energies and then bring light into your space through music, aroma, prayer and blessings.


When is it appropriate to clear and bless your space?


When you are preparing to move into a new home or office setting


If you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings


After a separation, death or divorce


Before and after a major experience or transition


To clear out the old and bring in the new


You will be amazed at the difference in your home-your sanctuary, and Your Business!


To schedule your clearing and/or blessing, contact Ma Nuta

(Prices will vary depending on length and depth of the ceremony and travel accommodations)


“We realized that it was time to have our home blessed and cleared of Energies for your new family. We want to make a permanent, progressive change in our lives.”



Green Griot Gathering


Amen Par Ankh offers African Storytelling to teach urban agriculture in Schools, Community Centers, Churches, and Theaters locally and across the country and the globe.


We share music, poetry, song, dance and culture of food for all ages! 




African storytelling is a call and response interaction. There are distinctions of storytelling from Africans who still practice this art all over the world. In the modern world, storytelling techniques such as music, chant and audience participation make up the best presentations of African storytelling. Communication methods such as video and the internet now allow anyone to experience the joy of an African story well told.


Empirical stimulation of the five senses helps to create a memory. Use of color, sparkle, music, song, foods, chants, shaking hands and embrace and wonderful aromas aid in embracing the experience.


The storytellers or “Griots” know people will listen if the stories are fun and entertaining. An audience that is laughing or otherwise experiencing deep emotions will be fully engaged in the story and therefore open to more learning.


Morals and instructions in proper conduct can be found in African storytelling.

The first Griots certainly did entertain but they also served as vessels of moral guidance. It is rare to find an African story that does not convey deeper meanings. Each time a person hears a story, even when it is repeated, they may find a new perspective on the teaching.


Animals, Insects, plants and other forms of nature are part of the African storytelling process.


Familiar players, such as Anansi the Spider, show up in many African stories. No matter how they are portrayed, such characters as the weaver-bird, the lion, mosquito and the hyena all become players in this special storytelling. Trees, lakes, rivers and other plants provide a geographical reference as well.


African storytelling can teach historical lessons.


Storytelling is a way for any culture to pass on its history. From stories from Africa, generic terms used now such as “Hero” “King & Queen” or “family” once had real names, meaning and a place in the geography of the Africa. These stories, still told with names in some parts of the world, help the audience to know where they fit into the world and history.




2 Counseling


Counseling - Family, Marriage, Grief Counseling is designed to assist and guide participants to a healthy place. Our counseling guides you through the process of examining and understanding from which solution, resolution, wholeness and completeness can be had. Counseling is highly recommended in for Family, Marriage and Grief matters.


Family Counseling & Marriage Counseling


Pre Marital, during and Post-Marriage


In School, Community Crisis and Intervention Counseling


We provide youth and family grief counseling and supportive services.




In life conflicts occur. Most often we are able to resolve them on our own; however, there are some occasion and some conflicts that require professional assistance. Mediation can be the solution that enables both parties to find a resolution. Mediation empowers both parties with a neutral third party and support that is committed to a healthy outcome for both sides. Mediation is a win-win for everyone.


Family Mediation


Mediation - services address family conflicts, anger management, business conflict, adolescence


Youth Behavior and Trauma Counseling  


Mentoring, Manners, Etiquette, Self-Management, Behavior Control, Values


Discrimination Mediation


We provide discrimination mediation




3. Coaching - For Life Endeavors


Each of us can use support of a Coach to get more from ourselves than we can generally command alone. The best athletes, entertainers, leaders, and business-people all have coaches to call, push and guide them to giving and doing better than they would if left to do it on their own. A Coach is like your conscience and your mirror - they reflect back to you the extraordinary and outstanding self that you say you can be. Do not leave your life to chance - move beyond ordinary to extraordinary with coaching.

Coaching can be for a short period of time - to complete a project for example - or indefinite that you may continually produce at your very best.


Spiritual Consultation


Consultations on the 4 aspects of Life- Health, Relationship, Destiny, Career- the four corners of our life as humans. Cultivating your highest Spiritual, Energy Having peace, harmony, order and balance is essential to our well being - Readings allow us to look at what is present that we may need to address in order to achieve optimal well being. Spiritual Readings assist in relating to the families of creation - the Neteru, Ancestors, Siblings and Seeds. Energy Readings assist you in recognizing if you are balanced and or if there are imbalances.


To assist you in being centered, grounded and balanced




4. Cleansing Therapies


Diet, Health & Nutrition counseling,

Holistic Nutrition Detox


Spiritual Bath products,


Home and Business Blessings and Spiritual Cleansing


Ankh- Energy (Reiki/Karuna) Energy Body Work- 


Movement Arts Het-Heru Healing Dance Yoga – Tai Chi


Sound, color and light Therapies, Music Meditation, Chanting and breathing, Mandala color healing


Tattoos -Henna Applications


Natural Hair Treatments, Washing, Beading Braiding, Lox- start-up/ Tune-up


Holistic Counseling

Depression,  Anxiety, PTSDs, Family, Adolescence, Pre-Marital, Youth, Couples Work

Couples Massage, Counseling, Retreats


 Eating Disorder Recovery, Addictions Recovery, Healing From Trauma


Family of Origin Work, Spiritual Development




5. Adult and Youth Classes


ASCAC Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations

Every Thursday at 7pm 


Youth Going Green and G.R.O.W.W. Girl- Teach a Girl-Heal a Nation-

Home Scholars Network/ afterschool and summer workshops / Trips and Tours

Tutoring, Homework help/ mentoring, manners, etiquette, self-management, behavior control, Values

G.R.O.W.W. stands for Gaining Resilience, Opportunity, Wealth and Wellness


G.R.O.W.W. GIRL- Teach a Girl- Heal a nation! Wednesdays at 6:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am-1:00pm

Limited availability- REGISTRATION online- Email: and request an application.

lifelong learning, Creativity, Values, Critical Thinking, Sisterhood, Increasing Self Esteem, Awareness, Potential to succeed in life while learning about Urban Agriculture, STEAM, Green Sustainability and Natural environmental Conservation- Igniting basic life skills, principles & values of refined young women, sleepovers, field experiences, day trips, camping, Artist to Activists


Weekly Sessions include


Breathing & Meditation

Health and Wellness

Self Defense Martial Art- (Tai Chi) 

Basic Safety and Life Support

Growing Herbs, Food and Flowers

Cooking Classes

Plant Identification and Properties

Home Economics

Creative Arts and Expression

Hand Crafts Sewing, Crochete, Weaving, Jewelry Making,

Persuasive Writing

Consumer Savvy


Career Health and life  Exploration and Mentorship

Community Service, Internship and More!



The potential of adolescent girls living in urban economies and the role they can play in transforming their economic and social realities. Building the capacity of adolescent girls and engaging them in viable livelihoods, increasing urban agricultural productivity and the development of new agri-food systems, improving conservation of natural resources, an inroad to lifting whole communities out of poverty.


Urban Kansas City’s female youth are in dire need of social outlets, creative arts, education/ entertainment, sisterhood, guidance, Exercise, Refinement, and other opportunities that are lacking in urban communities. This program provides important outlets for our youth that promotes the opportunity to refine self and increase their potential to succeed in life.


The Amen Par Ankh G.R.O.W.W. Girl will be held Every Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-1:00 pm At the Amen Par Ankh and Amen Ankh Urban Farm, Please give us a call. 


-Must be females between the ages of 10-25

-Must be registered in order to be a G.R.O.W.W. Girl participant

-Parents, Mentors, teachers, ministers, Counselors are encouraged and welcome to participate


 We are accepting donations of drinking Water, School Supplies, hygiene Supplies and art supplies, Tablets, Laptops or any other way you may see fit to benefit our youth!

 For monetary donations Pay Pal of Venmo at


 For other donations of your time, skills and interest/ or Material Items, or for more information please contact: or 


Peace & Love

Adenike Amen-Ra


6. Sustainable Goods and Natural Products


We make handmade gifts expressing your 4 Corners of life- Health, Career, Relationship and Destiny,



Become a member of the Amen Par Ankh family and receive special discounts on all services, packages, workshops and products and gifts!



Ceremony, Counseling, Coaching, Cleansing & Classes


(Costs may vary according to In-office, long-distance or remote. Please see the classes and workshop sections. Special pricing is available to assist those with budget constraints)



Life Coaching

30 minute sessions- Libations to Sba (as Suggested) or $20 for each individual Consultation:






Naming Ceremony and Pre-Preparations-

Prices are customized for each individual


General Circles and Family sessions


60 minute Session 


Group/ family Package held within 4 day periods = $200/$50 per session


Long-Distance Session = (prices vary)


Additions to an existing session = $25 /hr


Ascension Ceremony /Grief/ Emotional Release


In-office, long-distance or remote:


$50 per session for an individual


Group/ Family Package held within 14 days 


Home and Business Blessings


Natural Healing


In-office, long-distance or remote:


$75 per session



Having children in need of services can sometimes stretch your pocketbook. We understand and make it easy for you and your child(ren) to receive the services needed. Please see following:


We also offer In-School and Community Crisis and Intervention Counseling.


Children 0 – 10


With family members – $20


Session alone – $25


Children 11 – 13


With family members being treated – $30


Session alone – $35


Children 14 – 18


With family members being treated – $35


Session alone – $40


Special pricing is available to assist those with budget constraints.





Private Sessions in-office, phone, Skype or other remote types:


One-on-one – $50 per hour


A Package of 4 sessions paid upfront receives a 20% discount, making sessions $100!


There is a wonderful opportunity for a holistic healer who would like to be in private practice and--at the same time--part of a Farm and spiritual center with other healers supporting each other. A treatment room is currently available for full or part-time use. The rate for Full-time use is $500/per month or $90.00 per week. half-time use is $50-per week, with a $100 discount for anybody that is able to make at least a 6-month lease agreement, and there are daily/hourly rates available, as well. Room features 5 screened windows that can be opened to allow fresh air into the room and blinds that open from the top. Floor is oak wood. Rental of the room also includes use of the lobby and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub for hydrotherapy, for your clients, and kitchen access to for a break room. Discounts are also available for use of the larger areas that are part of the center if you would like to work with clients in a larger space, as well.


ANKH (life) SENEB (health) WDJET (Strength) UDJA (prosperity)