Amen Ankh Communications
Amen Ankh Communications


Amen Ankh Communications is an Independent Communications Service


*The Mission of Amen Ankh Communications is


To provide the highest quality Communications, Products and Services: 


Independent Contracting Services

Low Voltage Electrical Installation

Security Systems

Home Wiring

Sound and entertainment Systems

Cable Installation

Landscape Lighting


*We also offer:


Graphic Arts,

Web design, Monitoring and Hosting

Digital media services for business, yourself and/or your family at reasonable rates.




Graphic Designs,

Website Maintenance,

Event Planning

Memorial Websites and DVDs


Graphic Communications:



Media promotions-

Custom DVD Productions


*We Create

Specialized DVDs and

Tee Shirt Designs, for your personal, private Family photo events and Gatherings. 

*Personal touches for your

Family, High School, College, Reunions,



Business Parties

Fraternities & Sororities

Memorial Services,

Programs, and



We have a fast, compact, professional, efficient, strategic structure to fulfill our customer and clients' needs.


The main tenet for those that work at Amen Communications is: “Concept Quality comes First” We live in a world and times that need messages fulfilled and proposal presented in a universal way. We are focused, careful with available budgets and strategically sound.


As a Creative agency, we specialized in; Design, Web, Media and Graphic Communications and the highest quality telecommunications services for your Businesses and/or your family members at a low rates



Adenike Amen-Ra


Phone: 816-839-7945



Operating Hours - M-F - 9am-9pm


We are members of the Tempo Wireless® Network.

We offer Talk, Text and Data- with No Annual Contract, No Credit Check, No additional fees, No surprises!
Our website is-


This has enabled us to team up and work with various agencies to provide Cell phones, Phone services, Phone Accessories, and other digital products for clients and customers within Verizon® , Sprint(R) and T-Mobile wireless networks.


We sponsor Classes on Fiscal Fitness:


Business Network and Buyers Group


Mondays at 6:30pm- Video Conferencing



 Check our site at:

We offer an opportunity  to own your own business, and receive residual income as a successful Entrepreneur without paying for a high priced franchise or making a major investment...

To be able to earn a part-time income, that can make you money to pay for our own phones and wireless services and webpages...

Able to make as much money as a lawyer, or Doctor and be able to own for your own BU$INE$$ or any other goal to pursue your dreams!