East Meets West of Troost is an economic development corporation that is dedicated to markedly improving the economic commerce exchange in both the East and West side of Troost.


We are bridging the gap between neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Greater Kansas City Missouri Area.

This will allow small Urban businesses, cultural groups, vendors and artists economic opportunities who would otherwise lack economic development assistance.


Some of our main projects are Green Careers, Urban Farming, and Recycling efforts to raise funds for At-Risk Youth programs.


We also provide counseling and support with our community services and incarcerated re-entry programs.


Kansas City Missouri's Youth are faced with a lot of issues that are commonly overlooked such as Homelessness, Sexual Abuse, Child Neglect, Abduction, Latch-key children, Gang violence, Homicide, Incarceration, Literacy, Proper Education, and Child Poverty...


At EMWOT we sincerely believe that children are the future of the world!


Your tax deductible contributions to EMWOT will go towards the support of At-Risk Youth in Urban Kansas City -Giving our youth an opportunity to:


  • Network with entrepreneurs to acquire leadership skills and on-the-job training
  • Receive Training in Green Urban Farming initiatives to Abolish Food Deserts and support Youth health and wellness
  • Support Recycling initiatives- Electronics, Work gear, hygiene and personal items
  • To Serve Community Service hours and internships to Give Back to the Community and lead with  skills, trades, and vocation experiences
  • Receive Tutoring and assistance in Reading and Literacy, Application and Legal documents
  • Foster Performance arts, media and entertainment venues



for only $10.00.

EMWOT Griot Gathering CD is an eclectic blend of Grassroots, Cultural, Political Spoken Word, Folk and Hip Hop Musical artists from KCMO! A compilation of artists and their music. They sing about Grassroots, current event issues ranging from the poisoning of Nuclear Weapon plant workers and their Neighborhoods to Kansas City Missouri public Schools. Thought provoking and fun, these selections are a blend that only these Kansas City artists can bring to Hip Hop spoken word & Jam. It's the return of people’s music; -it offers a deep human connection, through STRONG sonic celebration....